ICF Wall Systems

ICF is a system of form-work that uses concrete and insulating foam to provide permanent building insulation. The process is most commonly used to create the exterior walls. Interlocking modular units are dry-stacked without mortar and filled with concrete.  This technology was developed in Europe after WWII when builders needed to be resourceful in order to replace and repair damaged properties.


Since 2002 Americans have increased their use of ICF technology by 30% annually. Aesthetically, this type of construction can be used to easily create curves and arches. ICF buildings are also highly energy efficient. Woolsey Construction strives to provide our clients with sustainable options that have a high R.O.I ( Return on Investment).
ICF Benefits:

• 10x stronger than wood frames
• High performance R-Values ( 40+)
• Minimal air leakage, reduces heat loss and improves comfort
• 60% smaller heating and cooling units due to insulation
• Can qualify for green tax incentives and rebates
• Qualifies for reduced insurance costs due to being less susceptible to disasters
• Low air infiltration cuts down on in home dust and allergens
• less cavities for mold, mildew, bugs, and rodents
• Can withstand 150 mph winds
• Resistant to decay
• Highly durable and no maintenance costs

 Rainwater Collection

Rainwater harvesting provides an independent water supply by collection of water runoff from your roof into a gutter system and stored in a rainwater tank. There are major advantages to investing in a rainwater collection system. A significant advantage is that is provides water when there is a drought, eliminates a water bill, reduces on wells and groundwater, improves overall health and is much clean and safer drinking water.

Central Texas 100 year average rainfall is 35 inches of rain annually will allow collection of enough rainwater to provide the average 4 person family in a 3000 square foot home with all of their water needs typically without changing any water use habits.

In order calculate your current water consumption we recommend evaluating your previous 12 month average by looking at your current water bills. The average use is approximately 50 gallons per person per day. Therefore a 4 person household would have an estimated monthly use of 6,000 gallons of indoor water use, and 72,000 gallons of water used annually.

To determine how much rainwater you may capture with 1'' of rain on your rooftop it is necessary to determine the overall square footage of your roof. Average roof areas are 4000 to 5000 square feet for a mid size to large residential home.

1'' of rainfall on 1000 square feet of roof area will collect approximately 650 gallons of water. Therefore a 5000 square foot roof with 1'' of rain will collect 3250 gallons of potable water. Central Texas averages 3'' of rainfall per month and would allow for 9750 gallons of collected water per month and 117,000 gallons of water annually.

Storage tanks vary in size, style and location. Generally, rainwater tanks are installed in multiples of 5000gal or 10,000gal. 40,000gal tanks are some of the larger sized tanks. However, it is very common to add capacity to your storage system by adding another 5000gal tank and connecting it to your existing storage reserves.

Pasted Graphic 1

• Eliminate a water bill
• Zero total dissolved solids TDS in rainwater / cleaner
• Have an independent water source that does not rely on city or well water

Xeriscape Landscaping

The term Xeriscape is derived from the Greek word Xero which means dry. Here in Central Texas rainfall is unpredictable in the hot summer months. Xeriscaping designs eliminate the need for constant watering and or plant replacement. The purpose of Xeriscaping is to work with mother nature using natural plants for the given area. Woolsey Construction is constantly exploring different options that make our projects more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

• 50% of residential water is used for landscaping maintenance
• Xeriscaping improves property value and can help drought-proof properties
• Native plants provide areas for local wildlife

For more information on Native Central Texas Plants, please follow the link below:



Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating: Solar Water Heating eliminates the need for a traditional water heater. It is a system that is more energy efficient, creating savings on electricity or rising fuel cost of a traditional heater. In Central Texas this is the optimal choice due to our warm climate. If you would like more information on Solar Water Heating the following links provide a more in depth look at the systems and benefits of this emerging technology.
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Metal Roofing: Although the upfront cost of having a metal roof may be more expensive, having a metal roof makes sense both economical and sustainably. Metal roofs have a life cycle that is far greater than that of any other roof. With most manufactures giving at least a 50 year warranty and many life time warranty’s. You are not going to get that from any other roofing material, also metal roofs are easily recycled allowing for the product to go back into the life cycle of products making it’s embodied energy very low. If all these great factors are not enough you can choose almost any color you want, the reflective value of a metal roof is superior, solar thin film is easily laid between the seems, and if you choose to have a rainwater capture system it is the purest and most efficient way to capture your water needs. So having a metal roof just makes good sense all the way around. If you are interested more in what a metal roof can do for your home the following links are very helpful.

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Plumbing Fixtures

Low Flow Fixtures: When it comes to conserving water low flow fixtures are one of your best options. At Woolsey Construction we have the hands on knowledge to know what type and rate of low flow fixture is going to work best for your family’s needs. Studies have shown that by installing low flow fixtures throughout a home you can save over a 1000 gallons a year. Also with improvements in modern plumbing your family can now capture all your own grey water and treat it on site at your home. That simply means the water you would send to the city from your sinks could be purified at your home and put back into your water capture system if you so choose to have one. There is so much that we can do to save water if you are interested more in low flow fixtures and grey water treatment the following links have some great information.

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Wind Power

Residential Wind Turbines: Residential wind turbines have not been the traditional choice for homes here in central Texas because of low to moderate average wind speeds. In the past five years though wind energy systems have reduced in price and have increased technologically so that more power can be generated at lower operating speeds. Several new systems on the market with just a 7.5 mph average wind speed can produce a formidable amount of energy, further though if you increase that range to 12.5 mph which most of central Texas can produce with the turbine at the correct height, the system can produce an astonishing 520 Kwh. For an already efficiently  built home that can almost produce all the energy that you need for a given month. If you are interested more in wind energy the following links will help provide more information on this quickly growing form of renewable energy.

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Quartz Products

Quartz Countertops are a preferred product for us. This natural mineral is the third hardest substance on earth, is approved for commercial kitchen's unlike granite, is a green product due to the recycled contents, and allows for cutting and extreme temperatures to be placed on its surface. Green building and practical use go hand-and-hand and this product is a great example of that.


• Less porous than granite and this inhibits the ability of bacteria to proliferate
• Does not require a sealer
• FDA approved for commercial kitchens
• Allows for install of under-mount sinks
• Nearly indestructible
• More resistant to staining than other products
• Hot pots and pans can be directly placed on the surface without damaging the surface
• Faucets can be installed directly on the counter
• Custom edges can be created
• Large range of colors and variations to choose from